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          Quality and innovation is a habit.

Habit, just as the example explanation in Word-Ocean is the "certain conditions need to complete an activity or automation patterns of behavior", the state can be formed through conscious practice, also can be unconsciously repeat or only once is formed, and habits once formed, if damaged will produce unpleasant or uncomfortable feeling. And for Lucky Harvest, quality and innovation is the habit of Lucky, and this habit is after Lucky all staff years of effort, struggle and accomplishment.

No matter when and where, Lucky's first priority is to make the quality of the products, to make it stand any competition due to suit the needs of customers. Hardware, auto industry will never fail, because there is demand; Why businesses fail every day, because the quality is not pass. What is a good quality? Customer is always god, its demand is the only starting point for the definition of "good quality", rather than what the industry standard, national standard, nor the high-tech, high skills. Only grasp the needs of customers, and to strive for, we can become the best customer suppliers, especially in the small profit era.

How to do? It must begin from personnel quality promotion. Lucky adhering to the "modest, polite, gratitude, learn" principle of choose and employ persons, advocated "can can", that is called. Any management personnel shall be time to think, analyze and evaluate their level will be able to achieve good quality, meet the immediate needs of customers, otherwise, they should consider "get", which makes the personnel have the ability to give full play to the strength, truly "create value for customers, creating opportunities for staff".

Good quality can meet the customer needs, for enterprise to bring the order; And innovation is to create demand, let the customer had to choose a kind of choice. Since its inception, Lucky Harvest company sees innovation as the lifeline of enterprise, always keep up with the industry forefront of research and development, with many well-known universities to establish production-study-research cooperation bases, has become the industry leader in the region.

And the more moved me,Lucky every employee is impossible to a willing heart, heart, from every trivial things, will change the work environment, method, technology as a normal work. This kind of thinking, innovation and persistent attitude, namely what we call the habit, what is the soul of Lucky lives, is also  the foundation of Lucky of the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of sustainable development.


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